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Protection Detail

Every car surface can be protected from the elements that everyday use can throw at it paint, wheels, glass, exhaust, rubber, plastic and leather can all be subjected to protection from the Great British Weather and whatever else that could be thrown at the car such as salt, dirt and grime, with the interior protection from food and drinks stains along with bacteria build up.
Protection is the key element to any detail this part of any detail is vital to contain the finish and many hours of hard work to be sealed and protected for as long as possible. There's two real options when it comes to protection that's the traditional natural wax's to Ceramic Coatings. Natural wax's pose a much glossier and slick finish to the paintwork with adding protection for up to 6 months.

Ceramic coating is the much preferred option these days which forms a barrier between the paintwork and the elements. Once cured these ceramic coating forms sustain the finish for up to 5 years, repelling water, dirt and grime. Along with resistant to swirls, marring, oxidisation, bird foul as well as containing the gloss like finish. Making washing and drying a joy and much easier to the owner.

It's protection and finish is something to be admired.

Protection Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.

  • Arches Washed, Degreased, Cleaned & Dressed.

  • Wheels Deep Cleansed & Wheel Wells, Iron Fall out, Tar and Road Grime Removed.

  • Wash using Two Bucket Method using a wool wash mitt.

  • Tar, Iron Fall out and Road Contamination Removed from Paintwork.

  • Paintwork Clay Barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout.

  • Exterior, Shuts & Sills Dried.

  • Interior Wipe down & Hoovered.

  • Glass Cleaned and Polished.

  • Tyres & Trim Dressing applied.

  • Exhaust & Chrome Polish.

  • Paintwork Deep Cleaned Using a Specialist Paint Cleanser by hand.

  • Wax Applied.

  • Wheels Polished & Sealed.

  • Plastics & Rubbers Dressed.

  • Engine Bay Cleaned & Finished with Non-Silicone Dressing.

Nissan GTR GI Detailing
KKD Revolve Wheel

Small - £175  (Small Hatch)
Medium - £200 (Saloon or Coupe)
Large - £250 (5 Door Family Hatch and 4x4)

Duration: 1-2 Days

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