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Enhancement Detail

The first real noticeable area of professional detailing and where you the customer will notice the changes.


A Enhancement Detail consists of a single stage machine polish to remove light swirls, marring, oxidisation and holograms and any other defect that maybe found within the paintwork, whilst also enhancing the gloss and slickness to the paint finish which the reflections will soon start showing off the lines and edges to your cars appearance.


All paintwork is first read with a paint depth gauge to make sure levels are safe to work on. This will soon add that edge back to your car.

Puma ST Line-11.jpg

Enhancement Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.

  • Arches, Shuts and Engine Bay Cleaned and Degreased.

  • Wash using two bucket method using a wool wash mitt.

  • Tar and Iron Fallout removed from all exterior surfaces.

  • Paintwork Clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout.

  • Exterior safely dried.

  • Paintwork inspected under lighting and paint measurements taken.

  • Single Stage machine polish to remove imperfections and restore clarity.

  • Glaze applied to paintwork to enhance appearance.

  • Wax or sealant applied to paintwork.

  • Wheels polished and sealed with wheel sealant.

  • Glass polished to aid sheeting and beading.

  • Tyres and rubber trims treated and dressed.

  • Engine bay dressed with plastic and rubber dressing.

  • Exhausts/Chrome polished.

  • Interior hoovered and cleaned, plastics and leather wiped down.

  • Seats/Carpet shampoo if required to remove soiling and standing.

Ferrari 360 Modena GI Detailing

Small - £390 (Small Hatch)
Medium - £420 (Saloon or Coupe)
Large - £470 (5 Door Family Hatch and 4x4)

Maximum Duration Taken : 3 Days

Additional Extras:

Total Surface Protection - £150 + 1 Day
Ceramic Coating Applied to Paintwork
Ceramic Coating Applied to Glass
Ceramic Coating Applied to Wheels
Ceramic Coating Applied to Engine Plastics, Rubbers and Trim
Coating Applied to Leather and Fabrics offering repellant against dirt and liquids

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