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Detailed Valet

Detailed Valet by GI Detailing consists of a much more in depth valet than the generic valet that everybody's more commonly fond of. Now this is where Detailing and Valeting are alongside each other but both very different and shows the bridge between the two this is very much entry level showing the art of detailing.

Premium products are applied to the vehicle to enhance the gloss and finish of the overall vehicle.

A full decontamination process is done prior to the vehicle receiving any treatment, all miscellaneous items like exhausts are polished and trims addressed.

Engine bay is also addressed, degreased and steamed along with premium interior products applied, dirt, stains, marks will be cleaned and removed. Leather interior is also cleansed and reconditioned.

GreenyMeany Detail Wash-33.jpg

Detailed Valet Breakdown

Pre Rinse & Snow foam.

  • Arches Deep Cleaned.

  • Engine Bay Degreased and Steamed.

  • Wheels Deep Cleaned and Wheel Wells & Iron Fall Out Removed After Prior Cleaning Phase.

  • Exterior Wash With 2 Bucket Method Using Wool Wash Mitt .

  • Exterior Shuts & Sills Cleaned & Dried

  • Exterior Safely Dried Using Premium Drying Towels.

  • Spray Sealant To Add Short Term Protection and Gloss Enhancement.

  • Interior Deep Cleaned & Dressed.

  • Dirt Removed

  • Light Stains & Marks Removed.

  • Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned. 

  • Air Freshener Fitted.

  • Tyres & Plastic Trims Dressed.

  • Exhaust Polish.

  • Exterior Glass Cleaned.

  • Engine bay Degreased & Dressed.

Small - £100 (Small Hatchback)
Medium - £130 (Saloon/Coupe)
Large - £160  (Large Hatchback/ 4x4)
Duration: 7 Hours
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