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Full Paint Correction Detail

Full Paint Correction Detail, this is the crème de la crème of automotive detailing this is for the ultimate flawless detail to your car, this is to maximise the ultimate potential to your cars paintwork within safe paint levels which would be assessed upon carrying out this task.

Various machine polishers and polishes will be used during this process to maximise the best finish possible. 

A lot of hours are involved on achieving this result. an Enhancement Detail will remove a certain amount where as this process will remove any defect in the paint finish as long as the paint levels are safe to do so.

This is the most unbeatable process you can achieve in Detailing, this will show the Professional art of Detailing in it's greatest from carrying out this process.

There is also wet sanding to remove orange peel in very extreme circumstances this would be achievable upon request and consultation only.

Audi R8 Finish GI Detailing
Focus RS Mk1 50/50 GI Detailing
Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing

Full Paint Correction Detail Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam

  • Arches, Shuts and Engine Bay Cleaned and Degreased

  • Wash using Two Bucket Method using a wool wash mitt

  • Tar and Iron fallout removed from all exterior surfaces.

  • Paintwork Clay Barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout

  • Exterior Safely dried

  • Vehicle Elevated and Wheels removed

  • Paintwork inspected under lighting and paint measurements taken.

  • First stage of paintwork correction completed to remove overspray, heavy swirling, oxidation, etching and scratches. (This stage may need to be repeated more than once for severely damaged paintwork)

  • Second stage of polishing completed refining the appearance of the paint, removing holograms, buffer trails and light swirling.

  • Final examination completed, paint wiped down and deep cleansed for protection.

  • Wax or sealant applied to the paintwork

  • Wheels deep cleaned, decontaminated and clayed.

  • Wheels polished then sealed with ceramic or wax

  • Glass Polished to aid sheeting and beading.

  • Tyres and Rubber trims treated and dressed.

  • Engine bay dressed with plastic and rubber dressing.

  • Exhausts/Chrome polished.

  • Interior hoovered and cleaned, plastics and leather wiped down.

  • Leather deep cleaned.

  • Seats/Carpet Shampooed if required to remove staining and soiling.

  • Plastic enhancer and protector applied to all interior surfaces to protect and prolong lifetime.

Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing
Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing

Prices are Bespoke and Consultation required, Starting from £700 (Minimum Duration 4 Days)

*Wet Sanding Applications available £POA, Consultation & Inspection Required.* 

Additional Extras:

Total Surface Protection - £150 + 1 Day
Ceramic/Nano Coating Applied to Paintwork
Ceramic/Nano Coating Applied to Glass
Ceramic/Nano Coating Applied to Wheels
Ceramic/Nano Coating Applied to Engine Plastics, Rubbers and Trim
Coating Applied to Leather and Fabrics offering repellence against dirt and liquids.

Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing
fiesta mk6 st mr200-284.jpg
Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing
Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing
Full Paint Correction Detail - GI Detailing
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