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Audi R8

I had this lovely Audi R8 V8 owned by Phil. Receiving a full wash and decontamination process along with a full 3 stage paint correction process. Then finally receiving Gtechniq's C1 and EXO V3 Ceramic coating to the paintwork. Wheels were coated in C5 Wheel Armour along with the exhaust tail pipes, windows coated in Carbon Collective. Plastic trims and rubbers dressed. Interior also detailed along with the engine bay. A great car to work with even though we had some very heavy swirling and various areas of deep scratches caused by a car cover. The aerodynamic lines of this car compliment all those hours of detailing and really satisfy the end result. Certainly one of my favourites!

If you are interested in this sort of process for your vehicle, Please don't hesitate to contact.

Please slide through the images located on the right or below if your on mobile.

Also located underneath the images, is a slow walk round video of the car completed. Please be sure to put it in HD and on full screen to truly get an understanding of the finish achieved.

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