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Maintenance Detail

Maintenance detail is only viable to a car that has previously received paint correction or some level of protection by GI Detailing.

Regular maintenance details are essential to the longevity to your cars protection and finish, Now I know many people may not have the time to regularly keep on top of their pride and joy, so by appointment only you can drop off or I can even come mobile to you to carry out this process.

Please note that this only requires to previous work that has only been carried out by GI Detailing that has received any of the following: Enhancement, Correction or Protection Details.

gi detailing supercars-12.jpg
Task Breakdown
  • Pre Wash & Snow Foam

  • Arches Washed, Degreased & Cleaned, Dressed.

  • Wheels & Wheel Wells Deep Cleaned.

  • Exterior Paintwork Washed With 2 Bucket Wash Method With Wool Wash Mitt.

  • Exterior Shuts and Sills Cleaned & Dried.

  • Premium Sealant Applied As Maintenance To Your Ceramic Coating.

  • Exterior Safely Dried Using Premium Brand Drying Towels.

  • Interior Wipe Down & Hoovered

  • Tyres & Plastic trims Dressed.

  • Exhaust Polished.

  • Exterior Window Glass Cleaned.

Price: £60
Duration: 2 Hours
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