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New Car Protection Detail

You'd expect a Brand new car to be flawless in its finish after all it is Brand New? Wrong there's certain factors that even a new car can come with it's flaws, Storage conditions, transportation marks and inexperienced mass valeting company's that work within the car dealerships with poor prep work prior to collection by the customer the best thing to do in this circumstance would be to ask your dealer not to wash the car pre collection.

Most car dealerships will try to sell you a lifetime paintwork protection kit to have applied prior to a customer collecting, these kits are just overpriced moderate polishes and wax's that are applied which won't do what they say on the tin. plus the inexperienced car valeters at these sites generally won't have the care and knowledge to apply these products properly.


Now I can offer a Full New Car Protection Package for yourself to give your car the longevity and the best start in life from the first day of ownership.

The products used for this task are some of the finest products available with the most durable coatings on offer to give you the customer the longevity on your cars finish and protection.

Audi S3 8Y-19.jpg
Focus RS Mk3 GI Detailing
Puma ST Line-18.jpg

New Car Detail & Protection Breakdown

  • Pre Rinse and Snow Foam.

  • Arches, Shuts and Engine Bay Cleaned and Degreased.

  • Wash using Two Bucket Method using a wool wash mitt.

  • Vehicle Elevated and Wheels Removed.

  • Tar and Iron fallout removed from all exterior surfaces.

  • Paintwork Clay Barred to remove bonded contaminants such as sap and industrial fallout.

  • Exterior Safely dried.

  • Paintwork inspected for imperfections, marring or damage and paint depth readings taken.

  • Single stage machine polish to remove any defects, swirling or marring and improve clarity and enhance appearance. 

  • Paintwork wiped down and inspected in preparation for coatings.

  • Ceramic coating applied to paintwork offering up to 3/5 years of protection.

  • Ceramic coating applied to Glass to aid water sheeting and beading in bad weather conditions.

  • Coating applied to all rubbers, engine bay covers and plastics to prevent staining and discolouration.

  • Ceramic coating applied to wheels to prevent brake dust build up, tar spots and aid easy maintenance.

  • Tyres dressed.

  • Exhaust Coated

  • Interior hoovered and cleaned, plastics and leather wiped down.

  • Leather or Cloth interior treated with protectant, preventing staining and colour transfer from clothing.

  • Interior trim dressed to ensure OEM satin finish remains.

Audi R8 Roadster
Audi S5

£500 - Maximum Duration : 4 Days

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